Link Building Strategy

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Link Building Strategy

Link Building Strategy: The theme of the Webmaster Friday is this week: “What is the best link building strategy?” – Now, one might first ask: I would clearly answer yes “Do You need a Link building strategy at all?”. Who runs these days a website is aimed at a general public. Otherwise you could maintain a text document on his computer or write analog on paper. Run website means to me also to make the potential of the Web available. And just for that one should worry about Link Building Strategies.

The Basics (“Why are links at all important?”) Has been described excellently in his article “link building strategies for different site types” Peer. I deal in this article with small sites – whether blog, corporate website or portfolio. I see, unlike many co-authors to the WMF issue at all is almost no difference between these different types of websites. I would look at the link building strategy much more the size of a site or especially their stage of development as important. In the following I want to show times, what method I have had good experiences.
Link building goals
Seo Blog

Seo BlogSeo Blog

Link Building has to be effective in the first place. Because it is a work that does not make a website owner usually (unless you’re as dimwitted as I and operates a SEO blog). Otherwise, link building is a genuine SEO service. So if – for example as a small blogger – takes the matter for reasons of cost into their own hands, should have a sense of the costs and benefits in mind. Link Building has two objectives:

More (interested) direct visitors
Improve the positions of the sides on Google

One should always have both in mind. Because both are interrelated. I personally share link building into five phases that correspond, in my view the development stages of a website:
Phase 1: lure crawler

If you start a new site, you should first create a small “start-linking”. This link is used once only to that page of Google and other search engines is found. I make the following rule:

2 – 3 Web Directories
2 – save 3 sides as social-bookmark (Mister Wong, Oneview or so)
If possible, from 2 – link 3 own, other sites

About the linking of Phase 1 is obtained practically zero visitors. When the page is found at Google, then ran under further. The decisive factor is that the page is available in several ways for the Web crawler. This phase requires approximately 1 hour of work and takes about 2 – 4 days.
Phase 2: visitors will find (social networking)

The Phase 2 of a website is crucial – The aim is to attract visitors to the page. Therefore it makes sense to take action in their own context:

Find content related forums and participate in discussions and topics (use signature URL)
Find content related blogs and on topics and discussions participate (comment URL use)
content related groups find (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

This phase can already take a few weeks and will require some “stubbornness”, until one is actually taken seriously. But since one is always active in his editorial context, it’s worth in any case. As I said, it’s all about visitors. It’s a damn care if any links are nofollow or “not valuable” or whatever. If you find interested, the link is super valuable.
Phase 3: Good content = self-generating links
Good blog – Tips

Good blog – Tips

In parallel with Phase 2 builds to the site continues. The discussion with others can involve very positive impact on the content of your own site. In this Phase 3 to build on the content so that it generates “by itself” links. It has (interested) visitors on pages that operate partly own websites. So come about all by itself links – as long as you own other link. Outgoing links are an essential feature of good content. Whoever adheres to it, will also get links.
Phase 4: the “good” links

The site is now about 6 – 9 months old. She has become interested visitors about forums and blogs and can (from time to time) generate more than “good” content also on their own links. So you have enough collected to normal weak links, rarely come at this stage of its own accord “strong links”. Now the “main phase” comes in link building: it is about the “good” links. First there is the “open direktory Project” ( call. A link from the ODP should definitely try to get. Because the DMOZ lists are numerous other web directories (eg redistributed. A link in DMOZ therefore generates several dozens or hundreds of links follow (depending on the category).
Dmoz – ODP

Dmoz – ODP

The dumbest thing you can do is to register a new project after a few days or weeks. I wait in principle at least 6 months. Then, the pages have a PageRank (usually 2 or 3) and may provide some content. Now it’s worth looking for a really an appropriate category. It makes sense to thoroughly investigate it. The better the page fits in the Dmoz category, the greater the chances of success. Incidentally, I can not understand why people complain repeatedly about the Dmoz editors. For me it has never lasted more than two days, until the sites were listed.
Link exchange partners?

Link exchange partners?

Who runs link exchange, you can try your luck at this stage. I do, however, basically a link exchange (see “Link exchange and backlink partners – ineffective, too much work …”). Mir is too inefficient and accompanied by too much suspicion. Instead, you can just even a few sites that a well-liked, link without prior contact (see above). Not infrequently, then .gov’s may work(at NASA or US gov of course does not work).
YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

Very useful can also be a YouTube channel. How the rears, without itself to producing content, for example, shows SEO United: It simply looks for videos that are good and suitable place content and integrates them. So a YouTube channel link is very valuable in my opinion: it brings not only a lot of trust, but can also have a lot of power (unless you have a certain number of subscribers – from 1000 onwards). However, YouTube will of course only really exciting when you posting your own videos and paste the video link descriptions can (see also “optimize videos for YouTube – Checklist for Video SEO”).
Wikipedia link

Wikipedia link

Also helpful may be the Wikipedia links. However, I would strongly advise against it, its own site entered somewhere. As a rule, the page will be locked Wiki globally – and the source is dense. Instead, you can try using indirect ways to recommend its pages. But like Dmoz: decisive is good, best unique content.

Depending on the niche in which you are traveling, you can now keep lists out “official” yet after a few. There are almost all important issues to government or government sites hand maintained lists. You have to have a little imagination and your resource login accordance creative. With any luck, you manage to – if not, do not care.

For this work, the Google PageRank is proving to be very useful. Because it is a fast and good house number, as “powerful” a link is (potentially). How to detect such backlinks using a competitive analysis via Sistrix Toolbox, Eisy has described in his new blog. But you can also take various free tools but which are not as thoroughly and clearly, for example X4D backlink checker or LinkDiagnosis.

I suppose also in this phase 4 always the AdSense or Afiliate advertising from the sides (as if they already have some). A “brochure site” is not linked in most cases. It has a few days or weeks no revenue from the project, but in the medium to long term are worth far more good links.

This phase 4 requires, in my estimation, a few days of work, which is, however, very important long-term and rewarding for the Google ranking. Because only this “strong links” to give the “weak mass” until their pulling power. Both is required. A few strong links can develop any power without the proper soil.
Follow Seo

Follow Seo

Maybe now someone misses a distinction between “follow” and “nofollow” links. My opinion: could not care less. And not because I think the importance of a clean blend (which also). But because I am convinced that the nofollow number has nothing to do with the inheritance of Link Power. Nofollow links inherit the same LinkPower like normal links, but they bequeath no PageRank and no Trust. Grossly simplified: the Link transmitter via nofollow says: I do not know how serious is the landing page. But if Google keeps the landing page for other reasons for serious, then the entire link Power comes on (except pagerank, but also no matter). That’s why I also do not use a “nofollow Checker” or whatever it’s called …
Phase 5: allow running and improve content
Backlinks – linking sites

Backlinks – linking sites

The project is now about 1 year old and has a good, healthy backlink structure. On this basis, it can be now easily run. From time to time (as every 2 – 3 months) you can sit again for a few hours and look at how to develop the backlinks. But one has to intervene only if you specifically want then bring individual pages for specific keys to the front. And then you’re back at the right SEO – and this is a service that is better paid than to teach everything myself 😉
Conclusion: no link building = a wasted potential

A website today, has presented the potential of the Internet, if he / she does not deal with link building. However, make the most of anyway, and without suspecting it. Only a few left at the beginning of the project and after about half a year you should take care of. Also, I would recommend (as a rule of thumb): sit no longer links itself as one does not voluntarily given by others. If you do not have enough “voluntary” links should not worry about link building, but the content of the page is located.

As I said, the whole thing is true for small websites (up to 10,000 pages). For larger projects, you should approach the issue of link building something thoughtful. But for my little projects to proceed like this.

I wish you success.