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The links remain one of the key elements in assessing the quality of a website. Quality, not quantity provide critical value in the SEO actions. Different variants are used by SEO experts to get and keep good positions via links.

As for  links from social networks to be an issue that has a different treatment.

That time away was that since the launch of the Web site programs began mass production of links, either through networks of Web sites, link exchange programs, content distribution, etc. Today a clear strategy is needed and precisely in this area of ​​SEO.

In this post I will discuss the four fundamental ways to build a proper strategy on the issue of bonds.

Organic acquiring links

Any action related to the links can start without taking into consideration this basic principle. We must acquire links organically, looking for spontaneity in obtaining them.

No new online site can get 100 links a month ever since the end pages, related matters, etc. In fact this way of implementing link schemes is penalized by Google.
The availability of services on the Web that seek to attract links is negligible in obtaining links naturally variable. Simple examples:
Quality content or actions that facilitate access to online services.
Offering quality links to additional services that help the hearing.
Timetables for.
If we offer e-commerce services can be tracking shipments to customers.
Maps product where dealers appear, how to get to our offices, local suppliers, etc.
Free Online Games
This type of content and service tends to attract natural links from blogs, forums, etc. which help to show the natural development obtaining links.

Backlinks from websites “experts”

This way of obtaining links is a recognition of valuable quality for any Web site. It is true that in recent times, given the abuse buying and selling links, the impact of these links has been reduced. However still a good source of quality links and a natural way to get links.

Value directories are still a good source of links. Quality directories are considered as experts those business organizations, chambers of commerce, academic, etc. all linked to the themes of our website.

Dmoz, be recognized source directory links to Google, is not what it was and get a link from them is like winning the lottery. However we try to be there. The sections  actively seek quality sites and if we can get there, we will have a good point on the issue of bonds.

Get links to blogs, magazines and newspapers generally regarded as experts on issues related to the Web that are promoting is another excellent approach but takes time.

Build networks of content (blogs) with quality content.

If we can not establish links from networks of content experts, for example they are in the hands of consulting managers organize our content network, with the participation of experts in related or co-related Web issues that we are promoting.

In this way we can handle, carefully building links.

They are not valid blog networks with relevant domains and any quality of content, usually spam. Google through the anti-spam updates quickly detects this type of content networking, penalizing all the links related to it.

link-building-expertsLink building services (linkbuilding)

Finally controversial link building services, or buying links.

A good strategy with links to consider this variant as well managed and organized work. What elements to consider when hiring these services?
References service provider links.
Avoid mass campaigns.
Not accept the so-called “fresh links” that are mostly linked ‘spams.
Owning backlink building methods are ways to control and quality link building service campaign.
Following these general lines and all those that guarantee the quality of the links can work with these types of services without problems.